Monday, October 4, 2010

Some October Notes.


My dreams have been particularly intense lately. Tonight's involved journeying to visit someone that I -think- was Harold. Point being? If a person with long reddish hair, likely wearing all black in some form of tank-top, jeans and possibly a coat invades your dreams - sorry. Can't help it.
Incidentally, I'm nearly always male in my dreams (irrespective of boobs) so assuming it wasn't me because it was a dude may not be accurate.

Re: Reviews and Commentators.

I will not be accepting/publishing any more comments on critical reviews unless I feel they have actual, valid, points to make. "I disagree with your review and here's why" is fine and dandy once or twice (and I will happily put through such disagreement while it holds merit), but multiple posts going after not only the review/s, but everyone commenting in agreement with, or even -discussing- interesting aspects of the review, is beyond the pale. When it is from Authors or those in their employ it is also incredibly unprofessional. I know the author is going to disagree if I dislike their book - they wrote it. And when it comes from someone other than the author, but in the author's employ, it gives the impression of a hired opinion.

The purpose of reviews are to present different views of different materials so that those interested in the work can form an opinion on buying it. There will be glowing reviews and there will be scathing ones. These all help to form a realistic picture of the work in question. Reviews are not a point of debate. I at least do my best to present positive points with negative points, but if all I can find is negative - well... sorry? If I wish to review Twilight with only a photograph of a page of the book smeared with something brown, floating in a white bowl full of water (which I'd never do... I don't want it touching me there), I would.

Speaking of Reviews - Upcoming Reviews!

Hedgewitch by Silver Ravenwolf. - This one was a request by a friend.
Pagan Prayer Beads by John Michael Greer and Clare Vaughn. - An interesting read about pagan "rosaries" and similar tools for meditation and worship.
Call of The Horned Piper by Nigel A. Jackson - A thoroughly fascinating read on the nature of the horned god, night goddess and a meditative look at "the sorcerous arts".
Familiar Spirits by Donald Tyson. - Another book on Familiars to either love or hate.
and while we're at it The Necronomicon by Donald Tyson - FANGIRLSQUEEE!
Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone by Lupa. Familiar book of sorts.
and if I feel up to it Grmassi's "Beltane", and Conway's "Dancing with Dragons".


  1. Call of the Horned Piper is to witchcraft what Nightside of Eden is to... Uh... Uh... Hell. Lost that analogy.

    I insist that Jackson is the witches' version of Kenneth Grant, with less homophobia and more madness. Love that goddamn book.


  2. Ooh, I'm looking forward to the Call of the Horned Piper. Familiar Spirits and Pagan Prayer Beads sounds interesting too. I would request a review of Hedge Rider by de Vries, but I already bought it (just got it in the mail today!), so I don't really need it now ;)

  3. Nigel's books are worth it just for the illustrations. Inspired.

  4. @ Faust/V.V.F. - After giving it the first read-through I was pretty much floored. I finally found a book that goes "INFORMATION. CONCLUSIONS ARE UP TO YOU!"

    @Michelle - Familiar spirits is looking interesting so far, Tyson's work sits well on the palate, even if it gets a little high-falutin' for me sometimes. The Prayer Beads book was incredibly brief, and did not have as much meat as I expected.

    I may do an entry full of "Mini Reviews" - One paragraph or two. That way I can't dwell on what I don't like. :P

  5. Of course, now I can't remember Sunday night's dreams because I am stuck on last night's. I have been having some intense dreams too, featuring lots of violence. Last night starred a werewolf. An angry one. Also a demon made of strips of black rubber and a head like a gas mask who could start fires on people. Oh what fun. When I had that dream where I ran into you at the movie theatre, you were a tall person with reddish curly hair, but it was not long. You were wearing a ivory cotton shirt, untucked, with multicolored sort of geometric designs sprinkled around it, and jeans or black pants. I could not tell if you were male or female in the dream. I too dream as both and sometimes multiple characters in a dream. Me, I'm medium height, plump, long dark hair, beard, glasses, dark skin. I always wear a vest. And suspenders. Yes, I am a weirdo.

    I haven't read Tyson's Necronomicon, but I'd recommend The Necronomicon Files by Dan Harms & John Wisdom Gonce III. Pretty fun, even if Gonce does say some silly stuff, like the Abramelin operation is evil and will drive you mad.