Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time Off.

I'm taking a break from the woo-woo-internets for a while. Recent encounters have left me rather more raw than I ought to be, and that has in turn caused me to redirect my ire. To those who have gotten the less-than-flat edge of my flaming sword, I apologize.

During this time I'll be clearing up issues with responsible parties directly, online and off, and likely formally severing my ties with a few persons and groups.

This is also a time I need to be taking to work on writing (the long-suffering Familiar-book), and gearing up for my fall-time duties.

I woke up singing "Grow For Me" from Little Shop of Horrors, and realized it's an encapsulation of my frustrations. That I literally popped awake humming it says something about how persistent the message is. I can't keep feeding the man-eaters, or they'll just get bigger and hungrier.

I've given you southern exposure
To get you to thrive.
I've pinched you back hard,
Like I'm s'posed ta.
You're barely alive.
I've tried you at levels of moisture
From desert to mud.
I've given you grow-lights
And mineral supplements.
What do you want from me- Blood?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moment Of Clarity - The Oh Shits.

There are moments of clarity, and then there are Moments Of Clarity. Those life-shakers that change the way we see ourselves, and the way we conduct the course of our life from thereon.
Usually, we realize we'd been on this particular course, unawares, for a long time. Groping toward something we could only roughly grasp with instinct rather than intellect.

And then we grasp it, fully, and the Oh Shit's abound.