Monday, July 21, 2014


Railway spikes found near a dump-site in the woods.
Brought home and re-purposed to "nail down" the corners of my land.
I have decisions to make, but I'm not alone. 

Decisions about trees.  Decisions about wildflowers. About fallen logs. About old bricks. Decisions about rocks. Decisions about dirt. Un/fortunately, I am not making these decisions solo. There are a myriad of spirits and forces that have to be taken into consideration before these decisions can be made.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Re:Blogging Familiar altar.

Familiar Altar - Originally posted on Tumblr on 3/11/2014

The old setup of my familiar altar.  This is how it was for a few years, on the lower portion of my gigantic oak altar.
The urns are hand sculpted and painted by me using a combination of native clay slip and commercial under-glazes with lots of scraping.
However, the toadfrog lady smiling benignly at you (and her tiny green bottle) is by Erin Nightwalker, and was inspired by the toadfroglady spirit in the urn between her and the deer skull.
Since this photo was taken the altar was completely redone, and Ladyfrog acquired several more trinkets and statues.

Posting photos of ritual regalia and familiar Things always takes a lot of arguing with myself and struggling in order to finally manage it. Because, to me, it feels rather like posting photos of one's friend or lover in the nude and possibly in a compromising position.

But over time my familiars have explicitly stated that they desire to be photographed and posted, so I do. Yes, I airbrush out names and sigils, but at least viewers can still get a feel for things.