Monday, October 18, 2010

Curses pt 2, and other such things.

The clutter is starting to recede, like a tsunami that can be beaten back with hefty bags and curse words in five languages (including Klingon).

This means that I'll be able to start pouring molds in the house, since the shop is now nearing the point of hopelessness. A system involving tubs, buckets and racks should mean that I can make everything from chalices to oil lamps on my "coffee table".

But as I was cleaning I noticed some odd things. 1: An over-abundance of dead or living arachnids, 2: shit I don't remember buying, 3: items that, disposed of, suddenly found their way back into the clutter. Um...

Curses, Part Two!
The Reckoning.

After the first spate of shit I used a random letter generator for an idea as to who might be causing my woes and got "UU" - the obvious for me being the current witch-war going on amongst the Unitarian Universalist (pagan) camp. I had mentally (I suppose issuing some sort of Notice of Intent on Ye Olde Immaterial Plane Between This Glittering World and The Abode of The Great Ones) sided with someone, or some camp, and had caught the flack directed at that camp.

But putting out my "STFU" juju in that direction didn't exactly help, and I've been suffering from nightmares and intrusions. Unless I consciously remember to re-affirm wards, throw up consecrated space around the bed, and post The Beasts (servitors) at the four corners, dark dealings happen in the night. We've been getting knocking, shit falling over, strange gnawing sounds, etc. Some of those I attributed to the pre-earthquake jazz the earth does, but others - not so much.

The Problem: I hemmed and hawed, I stalled. I knew that all the pieces were in place for a curse or crossed condition. Instead of acting immediately, I sort of stomped my foot and told it all to screw off. I could have stopped, taken a breather, and done the sort of cleansing I knew needed to be done, but I kept questioning whether or not I actually needed to.

We were making our dinner quite late last night, figuring out our new rice-cooker/veggie steamer to make sticky rice, and kept hearing odd sounds from the living-room. It sounded entirely and wholly like a large rodent gnawing at something hard and crunchy, and no matter how many nooks and crannies I investigated, I could find no traces of any rodent. After a bit we settled in, assuming it was nothing, only to hear voices...

It took us a few beats to realize they were getting louder, and a few more to realize that it was the surround-sound in the living-room. As I rose to go turn it off, the volume blasted up quite high. Beating the remote into submission, I turned back to the bedroom and saw a tall, fair-haired, figure with a shaggy sort of haircut wearing neutral toned clothing standing in my bedroom.

The clarity with which I saw the "apparition" caused me to then search the entire house armed with a knife, to ensure I hadn't ACTUALLY seen someone. No physical body found, and no traces of any. I got quite pissed.

The Problem: By stalling I allowed whatever situation was going on to develop. From a seed into a weed that proves more tenacious than it ought to. The mental effects, the physical and spiritual effects, began to redouble - it was my fault. Whenever you suspect a curse or a crossed condition read your cards ASAP, and then as a precautionary measure do some damned cleansing.

A Reading (or three) For A Level Head.
(Lovecraft Tarot, various readings, condensed for your convenience)

I screwed up. I waited too long to act on what I KNEW was transpiring, because (as usual) it could simply be "all in my head". My will faltered, my Work faltered, and I essentially gave them a king's welcome.

As much as I -want- to blast the everloving fuck out of them with my boom-stick, and let my cat poop in their shoes, I probably should not. Maybe I want to burn their fields, salt the earth, and ruin their women. Maybe I want to pry open their jaws until they snap and unhinge, but I probably should not. The sudden lashing out may be misdirected, this may not be what is intended here.

I have caught others up in my tailwind before, and the same could be happening to me. I could simply be an unintended casualty of some weirdness. My mental and emotional states have been affected rather seriously, which means I have open avenues to whomever is responsible. I need to disengage from a struggle I should never have been a part of in the first place.


I will clean, and scrub, and wash down the walls. I will clean and scrub -myself- and bathe in the smoke of White Sage. I will share drink with the Old Ones, and I will be patient. I will stop second-guessing signs, and take more proactive approaches. I will stop charging in with guns blazing when I finally do catch on. This darkness is not my own, and attacking it will only lead to ruin.


  1. Hell's bells, when it rains it pours, huh? Not that it is any help at all, but I notice now that when my living space or workspaces are cramped or full of stuff for various reasons, it is like I am putting out milk and cookies for whatever stray energy might otherwise be whooshing by. It started in September. I think I was doing enough 'work' that my house must have made it onto a metaphysical Thomas Guide to Energy-Filled Places to Crash.

    Do you grow hyssop? You might try doing up a hyssop water and washing down all surfaces with that before the smudging with sage. It's not your darkness you're clearing out, but that's okay. Hyssop is supposed to be good for that.

    What a pain in the ass. All you want to do is create stuff and get back into that swing of things, and now you're clearing and cleaning again. At least the creative momentum is there?

  2. Sara - Clutter does seem to capture energy, and retain it, and let it ferment. Hence why the clutter will reach a point where I feel like it's going to eat me, and I then want to set it on fire.

    Re: Hyssop. I have a good portion of it dried, I'll be making a blend of Hyssop, White Sage, Sweetgrass, Lemon Oil and a pinch of Dead Sea Salt in a wash. The smell is godly, and it clears a place out like you wouldn't believe.

    What I think I'm dealing with here is some mud being slung from -somewhere-, probably unintentionally, on top of clutter both inside and out.

    As part of my "aggressive cleansing" I'm probably going to erect a fire-pit in the yard and burn some things to release the clutter utterly. And then KILN!

  3. You didn't take an oath to get your shit together this time, by god, or else in the spiring, did you? I've taken oaths like that and had them bite me in the ass when I let things get messy.

  4. Ooh, fire-pit cleansings are my favorite. Plenty of bad-relationship-based negativity has been dragged kicking and screaming out of my life via a good ol' bonfire. Not to mention a good Okra bath after all the above you mentioned.

  5. Personal philosophy:

    If someone try to play games with me and attack me or put curses on me...I unleash the best of my mercyless uncrossings rites against them.

    I have been attacked from brujos to freemasons and all in between and once I identify the person who is, I show no mercy to them.