Monday, February 14, 2011

Tips and Tricks: Preserving Things

I pointedly don't talk about the work I do with bodies, bones and other remains. The reason I do not talk about it is because there are other people already doing a better job of it, and because I really don't like anyone to be up in my private business.  And rest assured - that business is private. That said:

For something that was once alive and ambulatory, such as rabbits feet, bird's wings and gator-feet, I strongly suggest this handy mixture:
Equal parts Baking Soda and Salt  to 1/2 that of Cornstarch/Cornmeal and Diatomaceous Earth.

Baking Soda and Salt pretty much compose Natron, once used by the Egyptians to assist in Mummification. The addition of Cornstarch (or, I suppose cornmeal) and Diatomaceous Earth helps to wick away even more moisture. Party-bonus, Diatomaceous earth is a wickedly potent critter for killing insects. It's the porous, glass-like fossilized remains of diatom algae. It's sharp enough to slice up insects, especially soft-bodied ones, and wick away their moisture, dehydrating and killing them.


  1. Another thing that will help the drying along is putting the salt and whatever in a terra cotta flower pot. The low-fired clay really helps wick away the moisture. I read about this in Le Petit Albert. Pepper is another ingredient to add to the salt. I think any spice with a high essential oil would help with antibiotic qualities. I was thinking cloves would work, but I have only tried (long) pepper and salt.

  2. Huh! Good to know! While I don't have any immediate plans for doing any work of this kind, I like having the information from a reliable source. Thanks for sharing :)