Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taking a day... or three.

Photo by "Treebeard"

I dance and twist and rattle, my bones all come apart.
She scoops me up, like roadkill dinner and chucks me in her pot.
I dissolve, and churn, and roil, and nearly lose myself.
She drinks me in, and spits me out, and serves me to her kin
and as their bodies wring and move, I become alive.
My bones, she boils smooth as stone, and cracks the marrow fat.
She sucks it down between her lips and cracks a crooked smirk.
As the feast winds to a close, she plucks a seed pitch-black.
She shoves it in between my teeth, and plants me in the dirt.
My skull the cradle of a growing tree, around which they will tie ribbons.
- Verse by Scylla

I'm tired of the drama on pagan forums, between adults who really ought to know better, then stomp around like ass-mongers (purveyors of ass, similar to a "cheese-monger", but universally reviled) and then turn themselves into the hero of their own story. Tired more of them dragging me into it, bitching me out - then underhandedly trying to suck up for a gift I'd offered them years prior. Sickening.

I'm off to make incense, burn candles, ward like the dickens and entrust certain people to the kindly blessings of Hecate.


  1. Slightly off topic...

    Have you ever sprinkled 95% alcohol onto resin? It liquifies the outer layer of the pieces of resin allowing the powdered herbs and spices to bond to it permanently.
    Then you lay it out on some foil for it to dry a bit. The wonderful part is no more scortched herb smell when you place the incense onto the charcoal. I discovered this by accident when adding a tincture of liquidamber to copal, blended with cedar and cinnamon.

  2. Sometimes online Pagan communities can be a pain in the a**. With "online nomadism" being the height of fashion, I find it most tiring to see people leave and being replaced by other people who are exactly as the first people were when they arrived, and starting the same kinds of discussion over and over and over again...

    (Some days I think to myself, "I am too old for this." And I am only 28.)

  3. I gave up on Pagan forums a long time ago. They have a tendency to break one's spirit. I used to admin a big one years ago, but what a headache! There was always more crazies than I could shake a stick at and the non-crazies are never much better thinking the anonymity of the internet allows them to act like ass hats. *sigh*

    When I learned to stay away from forums I became more active in my physical local community and it's sooo much better. If people are asses you can call them on it!

    Soothing non-murderous thoughts to you

  4. @ Beneath - Generally I finely grind my resins (salt-ish, or coarse sand-ish), so I haven't tried that one. What I do generally do is turn my resins into a "dough" with filtered rain (or snowmelt, or spring water) and mix the herbs into that like adding chocolate chips to cookie dough.

    @Diandra - The only reason I keep going back to this particular forum is because it's a place for newbies to go - and I feel like they're killing the next crop of pagans before their time. And I'm right with you on the "too old for this", and I'm younger than you.

    @Forestgrove - This is why I miss the TW forum. It was an invaluable resource for community and practical information. Offline/Locally, there are not many folks (if any) who move in the circles I do, and it gets very frustrating to constantly have to define the differences between what I do and Neo-Wicca, or Eclectic-Wicca, or that I'm NOT Asatru, or not Christian, or not a Satanist.

    I think time will greatly assist in that one.

  5. So something did happen to the TW forum? (that's is the forum where I met you) I haven't been able to access it for a while and have been wondering what was going on... Is it gone for good or just undergoing a hiccup?

  6. @ Dre - Honestly, I'm not sure. It seems no one's been able to access it since December.

    I've seen no official notice yet, so I'm hoping they're just cleaning up old posts, or something for the new-year.

  7. I guess we'll see what happens. Like you said above, it has been a wonderful resource and has certainly pointed me in the right direction more than once. It's hard to find like-minded people, and I've found quite a few there.

    Like you've been experiencing---whether it's dissing the newbies or posts rife with the power of anonymity---forum wank abounds. It seems no group is immune, and it gets really, really old. I can't help but think that a lot of bullshit would be completely avoided if we were all having these discussions over a pint on the back porch. So I try to give the benefit of the doubt. But it does often make me take a big step back and wish for a few like-minded locals, you know?

  8. Hi there. Love the opening verse. Also, "ward like the dickens"? Sounds like fun, lol. Cheers!