Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Weight of a Paper Crane

There is a Japanese Legend that has become folk-legend more than anything else. Pop-magick like Ouija boards. If you can fold 1,000 paper cranes, the gods are pleased with you, and will grant you one wish. Ostensibly, this wish is -any- wish within their will and power.

Therefore, 1,000 paper cranes have the "weight" of a tribal or national god.

Paper (origami) cranes are a form of offeratory and petitionary magick. When writing is included (or symbols) it also becomes sigilized. The task of folding 1,000 of these generally takes about four months of daily work for the able-bodied.

The time and effort involved in folding one crane is roughly equivalent to that involved in the planning and execution of most folk-styled spells.

Focusing one one's goal in such a way, with such a duration and regularity, would almost -have- to yield some kind of result. Power would be infused into every fold, flip and tuck. A thousand spells, infused in such a way, stacked upon each-other in wind-blown ribbons would doubtlessly please any ear that was listening as all the pleas went up.

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