Monday, July 16, 2012


There is an individual out there claiming to train others in the Tradition I am a part of, and citing me as the person who trained/inducted them. I want to stress fully, and without the slightest hint of wiggle-room, that this is not true. In fact, I have never properly discussed even my personal practices with them (let alone Traditional ones), without enough blinds to blot out the sun.

This person had previously asked, repeatedly, for training and had been turned down in spades. They are not in the neighborhood, region, state, continent, planetoid, solar system, or galaxy of "proper" for the Work, and have proven that time and time again.

Caveat seeker, because there's some crazy mofos out there.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear that. Blessings and love.

  2. The lies will always catch up to them. But... WTF and WOW.

  3. I have had this problem more than once myself, as a Druid and as a Healer. People who were members for a month and dropped out or who attended one day of a five day intensive workshop, then claim they completed all the training. People who consider me an intruder in their 'market sector' have spread rumours, infiltrated our message boards, stolen ideas developed in group discussion and copyrighted them as their own (no, I am not kidding), copied our website and tried to sell it as 'lessons' using my name (minus the final 'e'), and basically wrecked havoc in every way they could. When confronted, these folks invariably claim that they are 'only trying to help others', and I should be more 'understanding'. They then proceed to spread stories about how I tried to sabotage 'their' work.

    In short, people are amazing. Despite constant banishing, shielding, warding, etc. these folks do manage to weasel in. These experiences are not pleasant and not always quickly resolved, because while, yes, the truth will come out eventually, it can take a deucedly long time. In the interim your reputation is taking a pounding, and by the time the truth comes out many people will have a hard time putting their doubts aside and to give you the benefit of the doubt long enough to form their own opinions.

    I wish you luck--better luck than I/we have had.