Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So, here's how it is - that whole downtime a bit back? That was about the tone of this blog, it's content, and the direction it had been taking.  That direction? Wibbly, apologetic, pagan. And I am not an apologetic.

Things change now. They change because demand has been issued, and need must be met.

As Peter Grey said: "The Western Tradition has fallen over itself to be respectable, and in doing so has pulled its own claws."


  1. Turn away from the wibbly, Scylla.

    And so to the new purpose. What form shall this take? You have said what you do not want it to be. What do want it to be?

  2. Thank you! I hate wibbly shit and I won't stand seeing it from you :)

  3. "Wibbly" and "Scylla" don't fit into the same sentence unless there is a negating term in it as well.

  4. I find you really inspiring Scylla. We are on completely different paths, and I consider myself a novice, but I never feel like you're talking down to your audience, or sugar coating things; pulling your claws.

    Not really offering anything elinghtening or anything here. I agree with you, as from my own perspective as someone who generally fits into the box of 'Kitchen Witch', I find that this particular path is riddled with those who blithly and in one lobotomised voice declare "I'm a white witch, my magic is made of moon beams and glitter, and I would never ever hurt anyone ever! I can haz respects now?". It is frustrating. It is disheartening.

    But it is not your doing.

    This Blog has been a source of insight and, usually, many more questions than answers for me; and I mean that in the best possible way.

    I just hope that you will keep on keeping on, because I love reading what you have to say.


  5. I love reading your blog, Scylla, please continue to update.