Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Prior Downtime

I've been noticing lately that the tone of my blog has gone into places I didn't really want it to. It nudged at areas I was initially pleased with - but I found the results of it displeasing.

I was also getting bored with my old layout. This one's more simple, and a bit easier to read.

The blog was down for a couple of days while I sifted, sorted, and re-designed. Sorry for the wait.


  1. Love the new layout it is gorgeous.

  2. Nice blog look. Very earthy.

  3. Silent stalker here - MASSIVELY glad to see you back up, in _any_ form!

  4. Another lurker here. I've been reading your blog and really enjoying it, so I'm definitely relieved that you're back!

  5. And another lurker here. Found your blog a few weeks ago and have been really very eagerly devouring it since. I'm finding it very... helpful, I guess.

    Also I stole that Rory gif from your tumbler thingey and put it on my own blog, with a link back to here. I assume that's okay; I'm guessing you didn't make it yourself but just reposted it in the first place. But anyway I did link here, as is proper.