Monday, April 4, 2011

Grumpbutt The Alraun.

Meet Grumpbutt - the grumpiest Alraun. This is a Dandelion, out of the ground about 10hrs. It’s not fully dry yet (and won’t be for some time). It hasn’t been shaped beyond cutting off the greens. It had that face right out of the ground. The grumpy, sullen, slightly pervy face.

On the opposite side? It has an ass. Two, tiny, dandelion-root, buttcheeks. Hence the name “Grumpbutt”.  This guy won’t be for sale, but some of the others (admittedly, less… er… animated) will be.


  1. what a great root! It looks like it's giving a sidelong glance, too.

  2. As soon as I saw the grumpy face, I knew I had to keep this one. The face reminds me of the "Sorting Hat"

    I'm going to do some minor carving and lots of oiling on it when it's dry. And then the Spirit-side of the work.

    I do see the sidelong glance too. A little >_> action.

  3. HA! He kinda looks like Ed Bighead from Rocko's Modern Life ^_^

  4. Hi its Sunny - I picked a dandelion last week - It looks like a cross between cthulha and something else.
    It has a little tosh, the funniest thing is that it has a little weiner. What type of oil do you use? I have used a white glue wash to seal a lot of my woodwork.

  5. I tend to blend my own oils - for this one I'll likely anoint with olive oil, myrrh, and dark copal and/or balm of gilead.