Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hours, Days, Planets and Cards - Incase You Care.

Once in a great while, I'll actually care about those Planetary Hours, or what moonphase I'm making offerings on. And when that happens, I reach for the following websites.

Moon Phase, Moon Data, and Other Lunar Stuff.
U.S. Naval Observatory - Phases of the Moon - Data on the moon's phases by year from 1700-2035.
Current Moon Phase Widget - Shows the current phase in a graphical representation.
Astro-Calendar - Shows moon's phase, sign, course and other such things.

Planetary Hour, In Various Degrees of Ease.
NCGR Planetary Hours - Really simple, not sure how accurate it is. Only works for "today", I think.
Lunarium Planetary Hours - Also pretty simple, works for (I think) any date.
Astrology.org Planetary Hours - A little more complex, still pretty easy to use. Works for any date and seems to be fairly accurate.
How to Calculate Planetary Hours and Sunrise/Set times in your area. - The hard way. I used to do it this way, but most of the time I cannot be arsed to do it unless it's something -really- important that I need to double check. 

Current Astrological "Forecast" 
Astrolabe's Current Astrological Weather - This. So much this. Right now it looks like there's a badly lopsided pentacle with it's head in Aquarius, and it's legs made of Moon (VOC)  in Cancer and Jupiter in Libra and for some reason that makes me want to hide in the closet.

Online Tarot Readings.
Facade Free Readings - All cards use the same meanings, and the readings are pretty simplistic. BUT, if you are an intuitive reader yourself, it can be a bit easier than dragging a certain deck out of storage.
Llewellyn Free Readings - Same deal as above, though a little more restrictive on reading types.
Facade Rune Readings - Here's some runes, too.

The Point of All This Crap.
Why? Hmm. Moon phases aren't the end-all, be-all, but they can be helpful. Using these tools, I can better define the general shape of the thing I'm working on. I can narrow the hazy edges and give it a more solid, and hopefully more potent, form. But I only really do that if I have both the luxury of time, and desire. When wildfires were ripping through my state I didn't bother waiting for the moon to be waining to banish the fire. I did not bother for it to be waxing to summon rain. I did not ensure it wasn't void of course before either of these. I damn well just did 'em.

If it's not an emergency, I can set down with a pen and paper and create a list of words and ideas that I think sum up the Work. Then I can get out my tarot deck and do a reading. It might hint to me certain times, or influences to include. I will select herbs, oils, curios and ingredients that I might need, fitted the desired 'feel' and effect. Then I can use the above tools and techniques to shape my work into that form, ensuring it is well-refined, and has all it needs to be effective.

Sometimes throwing a gob of mud does the trick. Sometimes you need an armor-piercing round.


  1. I greatly enjoy the program ChronosXP for the Planetary Hours. It shows on your taskbar the hour, and can notify you when it changes.


    But I'm a Ceremonialist, so Planetary Hours are important to me.

    I agree though, that they're not necessary, but they're helpful. It I can't get the right day and time, I don't fret, but if possible I try to plan my more important workings under proper planetary conditions.

  2. Hahahaha. Your list of links looks a lot like my list of links on these subjects.

    Another one I like is dajuana.com. She has a more detailed I-Ching among other things.

  3. @blueflamemagick - The problem with programs like that is that I often find I need six or seven programs to give me the information I can find in 5 minutes of website-poking.

    I'm very seriously commissioning a programmer I know to do something a little more slick and integrated.

  4. I have enjoyed using Chris Warnock's Planetary Magic Program, which calculates the best time to make a talisman (or do any particular work) based on traditional astrology in combination or not with planetary hours, planetary days, and the Moon. I use this to calculate good times to make talismans, although often the time period it indicates is short.