Friday, January 21, 2011

"Thanks", just ain't enough.

Libations to you, Enodia. Key-holder, way-keeper, many-formed.
Water, and wine, bread and blood to you.
For you have blessed me as no others have.
Incense, and perfumes, sweet resins and fruit for you.
For you have blessed me as no others have.
Libations and thanks to you, Enodia.
Pale and darksome.
Shining and black.
Illuminatrix, initiatrix.
Poisoner and thief.
The Hosts of the Sabbat bow and scrape to you.
You alone.
Libations and thanks to you, Enodia.


  1. I was not familiar with this deity before reading your post. She sounds really interesting.

  2. I think "Classically" you will find "Enodia" as a title/epithet of Hecate, Persephone or Artemis. Meaning either "In the Streets" or "of the ways" or both and neither.

    I hesitate to call the female spirit I work with "Hecate"... because "Enodia" connects more in my head, and I'm deftly avoiding any discussion of Greco-Roman reconstruction.

    "Enodia" clearly links to this spirit in my head, without any expectations. She is "Of the ways" - and - "in the streets".
    I've also found accounts of Hecate being titled "Of The Gate", "Of the Underworld", "She who observes", "Keyholder"... etc. All of these titles suit the being I'm speaking of... and yet... I still hesitate to use the "H-word".

    Of course, when you get into it, Artemis Enodia is connected to the Etruscan Artume, who is a "Goddess of night, the moon, the wild woods and death" - which doesn't remind me of Artemis so much as the "Enodia" of which I speak. Who also reminds me of the "Aradia" of the Strega.

    Which also all ties up in how myself and a few other occultists have had experiences suggesting "Hecate" has, in her "faithful retinue" other beings which are very much like her, but perhaps the ones she delegates to. I imagine a classical goddess like herself gets a lot of petitions, and has to spread the workload.

    Suffice it to say - sticky wicket of ideas and shifting shapes.