Entries of Note

This page categorizes most of the "notable" entries on my blog, and makes them easily "findable" for not only me (I'm forever linking people rather than repeating old thoughts) but for anyone else interested in doing so.

Gods, Deities, Spirits.
The Cauldron-Stirrer - Explaining my experiences with the Witchmother,

The Horn-Wearer - Explaining my experiences with the Witchfater.
The Half-Man in Old Hornie's Eye - Further Gnosis on Himself.

Snowed In Reflections - Why "All Gods are One God" doesn't really work for this witch.

Ancestors, Witch-History.
The Corpses Upon Which We Are Blessed To Dance - Those few forebearers who died for witchcraft and actually practiced it.
Whitewashing History - The Post that, so far, has garnered the most comments on this blog, and made me decide to never again read the works of Raven Grimassi.
Dark Night and Blood Moon - About The Ancestors. 
Shelby Ellis and A Culture of Fear - A teenager runs away from home and her parents elect to call a social networking site a dangerous cult responsible for her "abduction".

Familiars and Spirits.

Familiars Part One -
Familiars Part Two - Further thoughts on the historical role of the Familiar Spirit.
The Vessels and Their Contents - My first experiences with Familiars, Bonework and Embalming.
The Waters Of The Moon - Some, no pun intended, reflection on what this witch sees in the old chestnut.

Cautionary Tales: Unseelie - A crazy spirit living in a lake! LET'S GO POKE IT! What could go wrong?
How I Accidentally Became A Toadwitch - Why you don't always get a choice in the rites you perform, and why this one should never be done unless the stars are all right. 

The Crow's Ethics - Horror strikes, and understanding a very subtle lesson taught by a dead bird.
A Solemn Pledge - A sort of Pagan Hippocratic Oath. 

Finding a Coven/Mentor - How I did it, how you could do it, and why one might want to.

Tools and Utilities.
Hours, Days, Planets and Cards - Incase you care. - A list of practical online utilities for planetary hours, lunar phases and other astrological data.
Bone Flute - How to make a simple flute.
Tips and Tricks: Preserving Things - A handy recipe for home-made "Natron".
Tip/Trick: Candle Making - Recycling old candle stubs into new candles.

Tarot Reviews - Many small reviews on tarot decks I've collected over the years.
Mini Reviews - Several small book reviews.
More Reviews - Book reviews continue.