Tuesday, July 23, 2013

R&R 3.0 - Changes 'Round the Rootstead.

I've been leaving this blog a little too unattended, and derelict. I don't like that, and I don't think it's fair to the point of the blog. I'm still "Blogging Without Obligation", but I thought I'd give everyone a bit of a head's up about what changes are coming around here.

Changes at The Stead.

Well, bottom line? I'll likely moving at the end of the year. We just keep taking storm damage, and having General Wankery pop up. Never anything severe enough for us to get hurt, but always something very, very, weirdly problematic to repair.  We realized that as much as we love the place, it's time for us to get a little closer to civilization, and a little further away from dangerous weather patterns (both for our jobs and for our safety). We feel that these hurdles and whines and complaints from the house/land were it's way of telling us to go somewhere else in a quiet, shy, polite, sort of way. "You need to be somewhere else. Don't worry, you'll come back. So I'm going to ruin your tile flooring, and make it impossible to replace. Tee hee! aren't I clever?" The 'stead is going to be kept as our 'vacation home' - so that I have somewhere to go to get away from people when I need to snarl and howl.

Changes at The Blog

There might be weekly posts from now on. There should be monthly ones. I'm breaking it down into themes by week to make it easier to write and schedule them. First will be 'Essay', second 'Review', third 'witch life' and fourth 'info and recipes'. These will be tagged with their new markers in addition to the usual (in case you want to filter for something in particular).

I'm also going to move to approving comments two to three times a week at least. I let 'em flounder a little too often.

Added Directions.

I'm opening an Etsy store. I'm currently waiting on an order of packaging supplies to begin listing. If/when the Etsy does well, I'll be opening my own .com store, and integrating this blog (as well as Tumblr) into it. I don't intend to offer a gigantic range, but a consistent line of select items and supplies.

I also hope to begin vending and attending at events as-I'm-able. I've got a fairly new car, a newfound love of driving, an incredibly flexible "Real Life Job" and the desire to make it happen.

I hope you'll all come along with me, and enjoy the new route. 


  1. Great to hear you're dusting off the old blog - I always enjoy your writing and find it well thought out and informative. I'm looking forward to your Etsy store, too :) Good luck with your move!

  2. I love this blog and look forward to more frequent opportunities to hear from you. Best of luck in your new ventures. I am stoked about the store!